I was first inspired by the work of ASAP! when I attended the Young Writers event and was blown away by several elements. First the children felt safe and confident enough to share their work, secondly, their work was bold and creative and thirdly, there was diversity in age and ethnicity. As a professional choreographer and creative director, I believe fostering creativity in children is as important as their academics. Creativity is an innate form of expression that connects us, moves us and reminds us of our humanity. In 2019 I was honored to dive deep into the organization as their creative director for their 20th Anniversary celebration.

My take away from that experience was the power and impact of their guiding principles. ASAP! truly lives by them and honors them in all of their programs. I think we could all benefit from having them posted on our fridge door. I am honored in joining the board, looking forward to the collaboration, boundless possibilities, serving the community and seeing the joy that ASAP! brings to us all. “The Joy in learning is doing.”