“I wanted to thank you for all of your work on The Village Project! I was able to go and see it at The MATT last week and was very impressed with how it turned out. It was really a beautiful exhibit and I found the vines especially majestic. Thank you for reaching out and including our students from Waterbury Public Schools. I look forward to working with ASAP! more going forward to enrich the lives of our students in visual arts!”

– Holly Maxson, Supervisor of Fine Arts for Waterbury Public Schools


“COVID has taken so much away from us all, but there is so much to be grateful for — like that wonderful summer evening we spent at the Side by Side event last year — the first live performance we’d attended in months. Keep up the tremendous work you all do!”

– Christianne King, parent of Summer Strings participant


“Since I recited “A Tango of Love” at the Side by Side event with ASAP! this summer, I have been at Hamilton College avidly working towards a career in Creative Writing. Hamilton has given me the opportunity to participate in many poetry slams, seek out publishers for my work, and even to share my original songs on New York radio. When I reflect on how far I’ve come, I feel so lucky to have participated in the Young Writers Event this past July, because not only did I get to work with such wonderful people, but I was able to share my music and poetry with such an amazingly supportive community! Without that support, I don’t know if I would have the confidence to pursue what I truly love at college here today.”

– Eva Millay Evans, Celebration of Young Writers top selected student


I first watched an ASAP! Inter-District Strings concert as an elementary school student, years before I played violin. In 2014, I joined the same orchestra as a seventh grader. I continued playing with the group until 2017, and began studying violin with the musical director, Lisa Laquidera. In 2018, I was selected as a Young Writer and a Young Photographer as a high school sophomore. As a junior, I on a field trip with ASAP! to tour Yale in New Haven. A year later, I applied and was accepted, and is now a sophomore at Yale College studying Computing and the Arts. During the summer, I now work as a counselor for ASAP!’s Summer Camp at Warren Woods. ASAP! has been an important part of my childhood and a launchpad for me to pursue the arts.

– Maggie Schneyer, participant of various ASAP! programs