“Music is hugely important in Warren’s life now and he has become a bright and talented young Cellist. He is an inspiration to his peers. Thank you ASAP! for the opportunity to work with Warren and to share the joy that music brings to all young people in the ASAP! program. It is truly a gem!”

-Mary Costanza, Instructor of ASAP! Interdistrict Strings Project


“Once again ASAP! Summer Camp was a marvelous experience for Emma.  It is by far the best camp around.  It’s organized, well staffed, and so amazing.  Each day Emma would come home excited with the day’s events and anticipating the next day.  I couldn’t ask for more. Thank you for again providing a scholarship so Emma could partake in this wonderful camp experience. You are the BEST!”

-Joan Behling, parent of ASAP! Summer Camp participant


“The children of New Opportunities need resiliency skills: self-esteem, life skills, self-reliance, and pro-social behaviors. ASAP! Summer Camp gives them the experience of a nurturing environment away from the distractions and, in some cases, the hostile environment in their home life environment.”

-Maria Gonzalez, Director of New Opportunities


“Late as it may be, I wish to thank you for providing me with an opportunity of a lifetime. Sure, community service and stage crew are great, but to work alongside professionals – artists if you will – of that level was an inspiring and humbling experience – the kind many people could only dream for. I am very fortunate to work for ASAP! where such dreams could be realized.”

-Martin, ASAP! Theatre Program high school assistant


“I recently had the pleasure of viewing my niece, Jane Light, in your production of The Land of Dreams. I just simply needed to let you all know it was an absolutely fantastic performance! Having myself work with children in theater settings many time before I can contest that this was top notch. Every aspect from pre planning to script writing to set & costumes to rehearsing must have taken many hours of dedication on everyones parts. Of course most of all were the children whom where beyond amazing. All were superb but the youngest ones just blew me away. Their diction and projection were incredible and they even improved well! Mostly, I must thank you so much for making Jane’s first theatrical experience (and all the children involved) such magical one. Please continue to do what you do and thank you once again.”

-Michael Bresson, parent of ASAP! Theatre participant