ASAP! is alive and thriving in it’s 21st year. It is no surprise that in the most difficult times we are constantly reminded that it is our amazing community of passionate supporters, volunteers, and change agents that enables us to make a difference. We are strong advocates of the idea that, no ONE of us is as brilliant as ALL of us together. We encourage a sense of community and connectedness in all that we do, because together we always shine brighter than we do alone.

This year, our theme Connect is especially poignant. Although we must be physically distanced, we feel very connected through our work in our communities and schools.

As we continue our passionate journey of fostering creative hands-on learning safely in-person and virtually we feel a great sense of hope. Hope comes from the abundance of life in the nature around us. Hope comes from seeing that empowered, resilient, and compassionate adults can actually effect change in the world. Hope comes from knowing that ASAP! is able to overcome challenges and continue nurturing future generations through its programs.

More than ever, children need to connect and be a part of something meaningful and bigger than themselves. ASAP! is honored to provide a place where children feel safe, where they can explore, discover and can express themselves.

Together we will continue making the world a better place for our children and each other.

Thank you for believing in us, for your kindness, and love.

With abundant gratitude,


JoAnne Torti
Executive Director