As ASAP! continues celebrating its 20th year we reflect on the abundant generosity that has been bestowed upon us for two decades. We are grateful for each of you and we look forward to deepening our existing relationships and to building new ones.

We are fortunate to be surrounded by communities that understand how the arts are essential to our existence and recognize that they are integrated in everything we do. The arts connect us to each other, provide space for emotion, expression, compassion, creativity, collaboration, communication, courage, and empathy.

Empathy feels especially important to us this year and we are focusing many of our programs on this theme: Empathy 2020. We embrace it, practice it, and through our hundreds of programs in schools and communities far and wide, we aspire to create environments that generate it. 

We continue our passionate journey for the love of learning with open minds and open hearts. Thank you for believing in us and being with us as we enter this new season in the life of ASAP!

All my best,

JoAnne Torti
Executive Director