To foster creative, hands-on learning through the arts: ASAP! 



When we honor children’s imaginations, invite them to create, encourage them to take risks, and trust their resourcefulness, they will become the empowered, resilient, and compassionate adults the world really needs. 



Creativity is innate: We are all born naturally and inherently creative. That creativity, however, is fragile. It requires a safe, loving, nurturing home in which to experiment and explore, to grow and thrive. Our role is to provide that home, to support that creativity, to safeguard and protect it until it gains the strength, confidence and independence to stand on its own.

The joy in learning is doing: We believe in the value of experiential learning – learning through action, learning by doing, learning through experience, discovery and exploration.

Possibilities are boundless: In a world that values order, following instructions and conformity, we believe that curiosity, wonder and the spirit of experimentation are equally important. We encourage children to ask questions, test boundaries and seek their own solutions so that they will succeed in our ever-changing world.

Struggle is a gift: We believe the capacity to learn is greatest when we venture just beyond our comfort zone. When children embrace the process of trying, stumbling and trying again, they build grit, resilience and the confidence to find creative solutions to any problem.

Collaboration is key: We believe in the power of collaboration to unleash creativity and innovation. We are strong advocates of the idea that, no ONE of us is as brilliant as ALL of us together. We encourage a sense of community and connectedness in all that we do, because together we always shine brighter than we do alone.

Community is central to all we do: Inherent in our mission and vision is a commitment to cultivate a strong sense of community. The only way we can make a positive impact is with a committed village galvanized around common goals. It is our amazing community of passionate supporters, volunteers, and change agents that enables us to make a difference.

We are life long learners: We constantly strive to evolve and grow. We actively seek out challenges and opportunities, as we wholeheartedly believe there is always room to improve. We embrace feedback from our community – the ultimate barometer of our quality and impact.



The ASAP! community includes families and children of diverse cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds from over 100 different towns.

Program locations include Ansonia • Bridgewater • Brookfield • Danbury • East Hartford • Hartford • Kent • Litchfield • New Milford • Newtown • Roxbury • Southbury • Torrington • Washington • Waterbury • Woodbury