Through a study and love of literature and art history, a 30 year career as a dramatic film editor and creative consultant, as well as a degree in interior design, I have been involved in the humanities and the arts all of my life. Some years ago, a friend suggested I might want to get involved in ASAP!, but at the time we were weekenders in CT and I was a Trustee of the Gunn Library and Museum. However, at the onset of Covid, we, like many, moved our base to CT, I remembered how impressed I was at the ASAP! anniversary performance a few years earlier, and with the thought of volunteering help on film or video projects, I approached JoAnne to get involved. She quickly asked me to help recruit the host committee for the 2022 spring gala. It was gratifying to be part of its success, which we hope to top this year. For the past 3 years I have been taking drawing classes at WAA, and know first hand the pleasure and personal growth in exercising one’s imagination and learning a new creative discipline, something every person should be able to experience. I want to help ASAP! continue to grow and to provide the empowering arts and social education for young people across CT. ASAP! is an extraordinary resource and organization and I am delighted to be part of it.