I was born and raised in the Bronx, NY. I was always around so many people because of how over populated it is in New York but it taught me to be aware of everything going on. There was so much Art and inspiration throughout the city. Graffiti was the first form of art was exposed to and it was all over. Trains, building and even some bridges. I was determined to learn that technique, having the letter intertwined with each other so much that it would be hard to read sometimes. That was the beginning of my love of art. As a kid I would doodle and imitate things I seen and I was determines to perfect my art.

I moved to CT with my family in 2010 and it was a huge culture shock. It was very quiet , which I wasn’t used to. As I git older I learned to appreciate the city. I studied Fine Art at WCSU (Western Connecticut State University) and gained my bachelors degree. That experience was amazing. Being around other artist and creatives in the Visual Performing Arts building gave me such a purpose. Learning graphic design, painting, sculpture and illustration allowed me to fully understand all aspects of art. It also taught me to be versatile with my art. My professors eventually became my mentors and I cherish that to this day,

Over the years, Ive worked in many schools and even summer camps with children, both teaching art and other subjects. Working with children’s one of my other passions in life. Being an older sister, I’ve always been drawn to being a leader and mentor to children. My biggest goal is to inspire children to create. It can be writing, art and or music but to channel their inner talent and create. A lot of students don’t have the courage to express themselves especially not artistically. As a child, art was always looked at as a hobby but never as a career. My job is to expose children to the great aspects of art.. Whether it is therapeutic or something they can study and build a career from it. Acknowledging these possibilities will give there children so much hope.

I now have my own my little family that I adore. My husband and my 2 year old daughter push me everyday to be the greatest version of me.

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