DARNstudio is a collaboration of artists David Anthone and Ron Norsworthy.  Our work investigates the built, designed, or otherwise manifested world we live in, breaks down its components and uncouples them from their implicit and inherited meaning(s). We then re-assemble in a way that disrupts its original function. Our work encourages alternative ways of understanding objects, ideas and structures through a process we refer to as “re:meaning”

Through reassignment, remixing, inversion, or juxtaposition DARNstudio’s work examines the purpose of things. These things may range from the macro and intangible (cultural institutions and norms) to the micro and concrete (mundane objects, words, expressions or phrases). We glean new meanings from these things in their disrupted reconfigurations which can spark new dialogue around the common­place, the happenstance, and the “extraordinary ordinary”.

Our goal is to cast the familiar in an unexpected context so that it can be seen in an unfamiliar and new way.