A Connecticut Creative Arts Organization

Workshops & Programs

Workshops & Field Trips

ASAP! offers age-specific arts programming to provide opportunities for children to create, collaborate, and express themselves.

In-School Programming & Special Projects

ASAP! aligns with schools to supplement their curriculum by using the visual and performing arts to engage students academically and foster higher-order thinking skills. These unique programs develop students’ individual creative strengths and talents while giving students the confidence and problem-solving abilities they need to succeed.

Inter-district Project

ASAP!’s Inter-district Project includes collaborative arts projects, uniting kids from across economic and social classes promoting cultural diversity in our extended community.

If you plan to register for workshops, or create a user account, please note the following terms:
Registrant = Parent/Guardian (or yourself if you are 18 or older and registering for an adult workshop)
Attendee = Participant enrolling in the workshop