Gabriel Bradley is an educator-artist from Connecticut who’s been honing his aptitude in both fields for the past six years. The core principles which inspire his passion are to always try new things, create classroom atmospheres in which every student has a voice, and to prioritize the students’ curiosities, goals, and strengths above all things.

Gabe discovered his love for teaching theater at the Choate Rosemary Hall Young Artists Program while completing his BFA in Acting from SUNY Purchase’s Theater Conservatory. Thereafter, he started his journey as a writing consultant with college counseling agencies; a journey he remains embarked on to this day. Gabe also continues to engage in developing artistic endeavors. As a teacher he aspires for all his students to discover their passions, feel empowered in their creative spirit, and change the world. Gabe is Filipino and Black, and his life experiences and observations fuel his passion for advocacy, rights, and sovereignty of the Queer and BIPOC communities. He loves philosophy, psychology, and cats.