The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the CT Department of Public Health are primary sources for information and offer information specific to child care programs and settings that serve young children.

For Information and resources for artists and arts organizations please visit Americans for The Arts Resource and Response Center 

April 14, 2020

Dear ASAP! Community,

ASAP! is presenting a Virtual Learning Series on InstagramFacebookTwitter, and YouTube. Experience from home, both live and recorded free sessions that include movement, visual art, math, theatre, music, cooking, science, engineering, and more!

Weekly Featured Artists and Maker Sessions with ASAP!’s acclaimed teachers will cultivate engagement that fosters creative hands-on learning. These virtual sessions are produced for all ages and offer a way for communities to stay connected. ASAP!’s Virtual Learning Series seeks participation in live question and answer sessions with artists, and encourages everyone to share their videos, photos, and drawings for a chance to have their work featured on ASAP!’s social media platforms.

Empathy is the ASAP! 2020 theme and our team continues to incorporate the empathy theme in everything we do, including the Virtual Learning Series. Now more than ever, ASAP! is supporting professional teaching artists that will inspire everyone to make the world a better, kinder, and more loving place.

Please visit our social sites on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and subscribe to their YouTube channel ASAP Arts to participate in virtual sessions!


March 24, 2020

Dear ASAP! Community, 

How are you? We are thankfully well. The office is closed but staff continue to work remotely so that our students and community can continue to be served. 

As you know, our mission is: To foster creative, hands-on learning through the arts: ASAP! and we are working to do just that during these challenging times. Our team is working to develop remote program options so that we can continue to encourage creativity and empathy in a time when the world needs it most. We will let you know once we have material available. Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more frequent updates. We anticipate having live sessions with some of our Teaching Artists available in coming weeks. 

In addition, we know that our in-person programs will again take place. Planning for Summer Camp, Workshops, and School Programs for 2020-2021 are all in progress. Celebration of Young Writers is still accepting submissions and we have extended the deadline until April 30th so that students who choose to use their time at home to write can submit their work. We are also working to develop an outdoor art challenge each one of you can participate in from home. More details on this will come soon. 

It is at times like these that support from our community means the most. Your generosity is why we have been able to remain operational during this crisis and we are so very grateful.

Our vision is to help children become empowered, resilient, and compassionate adults. In our current world these traits are at their most vital. It is also at these times when adults find those traits most challenging to emulate. May we all remain empowered, resilient, and compassionate so that our children learn by example. We are all in this together! 

All our best,

Executive Director JoAnne Torti, ASAP! Staff, and Board of Directors


 AUGUST 30, 2020, AT 4:00 PM

ASAP! will premiere our pre-recorded event featuring our host Congresswoman Jahana Hayes and the top 12 young writers of 2020.


JULY 27 - AUGUST 7, 2020

Sign up today for ASAP!'s celebrated Summer Camp. Together We Connect! 



ASAP! is closely monitoring communications from all of the schools in which we work regarding COVID-19 and following all individual school protocols.