A Connecticut Creative Arts Organization

The Buzz

All of the programs that ASAP establishes and coordinates are high quality opportunities for our students. These grant-funded programs provide learning experiences students would never have had the chance to experience.
Our students have gotten to dance, perform plays and engage in real world science experiments with professional dancers, artists, writers and scientists. These real world hands-on experiences build skills and memories that last a lifetime. They expose our students to new learning in ways that they may have only imagined or read about through books.

Having these opportunities sparks our students’ curiosity about the world and encourages them to keep on learning and discovering where their true interests and abilities lie. Students at Forbes have also established friendships with students from other schools. They have enjoyed these interactions.
We are very grateful for our collaborative relationship with JoAnne Torti and her team. They are a very creative group! They have been able to think of new challenges and ways of working together that make the projects worthwhile. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with ASAP next year!

Principal at Forbes School