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Summer Theatre >

with Nick Jonczak & Nicole Tongue

Grades 1-5: Unleash Your Imagination!

Everyone loves a good story and what could be more fun than creating your own from scratch. Come join us and learn how to fully unleash your imagination, harnessing your creativity in developing characters, scenes and dialogue. By the end of the week you will be ready to present a 30-40 minute piece showing your skills in movement, collaboration, risk taking, story telling and performing. Share your passion, energy and creative spirit! ASAP! will provide snack during this program.

Grades 6-12: Comedy, Dance, & Drama

Come join us and explore what it takes to build complex characters both physically and emotionally for dramatic performances. Through improvisation, contact improvisations, and basic acrobatics you will learn the power of stage presence, the vast range of physicality that lies within and how to make an audience laugh or cry. In creating your plays through improvisation you will develop skills in critical thinking, collaboration, risk-taking and connecting your bodies to your voices for a truly captivating performance that will be presented at the end of the week. Share your passion, energy and creative spirit! ASAP! will provide snack during this program.

ASAP! Summer Camp >

Ages 4.5 -13

This full-day creative camp offers a unique and comprehensive arts experience like no other in the area. Campers have a chance to take part in classes such as visual arts, creative writing, dance, drama, music, photography, just to name a few. Each class is led by our talented group of professional teaching artists and will culminate with a festival that features performances and exhibits on the last day of camp.

ASAP! Youth Crew >

Ages 14-17

Intended for older participants, this camp offers an opportunity to work along side professional teaching artists. Members of the Crew will develop leadership skills through exclusive Youth Crew workshops, both at camp and out in the field.