A Connecticut Creative Arts Organization

Meet the Board of Directors

Dr. Michael John Williams, President

Growing up I was extremely fortunate that my parents ensured that my sister and I were involved in the arts. I was even more fortunate that the school district where I grew up had a terrific arts program. I was a member of the Marching Band, the Wind Ensemble, the high school theatre group and community theatre. Unfortunately due to financial constraints many districts no longer offer substantial arts programing. I love that ASAP! gives kids a chance to interact with the arts. In doing so children learn not only about the world around them, but also about themselves. I may not be a professional actor these days, but I am so grateful for the lessons I learned in theatre and it is incredibly rewarding to help kids reach for the stars.

Rob Parker, Treasurer

Five + years ago, I joined ASAP!’s Board as Treasurer because I wanted to join an organization where I could make a difference. At that time ASAP! was growing from only providing arts education here in Region 12 to developing new programs that also deliver arts programs to those in surrounding communities, often with lesser resources. I’m proud of the financial stability we built at ASAP! and equally proud of bringing arts programs to a wider and more diverse group of kids. I remain convinced there’s an underserved population who lack access to arts education and I look forward to helping ASAP! to address that need.

Tal Fagin, Secretary

I consider it an honor and a privilege to serve on the Board of ASAP!. As the mother of three children, all of whom participate in ASAP!’s programming, I have seen first hand the sparkle and wonder children experience with ASAP!. The energy and enthusiasm of ASAP!’s staff and teaching artists is infectious, and my children (and their friends) not only eagerly look forward to both afternoon workshops and full days at camp, but when I pick them up, they are literally bursting with excitement, pride and a sense of accomplishment. I know these feelings are shared by many parents of ASAP! participants, and it is a tremendous source of pride for me to be a part of such an amazing organization!

Judy Auchincloss

My “aha” moment with ASAP! came with my first Celebration of Young Writers event – which I believe might have been the very first or second show. I was so impressed with the talent of these children and the creativity of the show and the master of ceremony, that I very much wanted to become part of it. I soon came to realize that this event was just one of many talented events and programs offered by this unique organization. And the more important thing is that ASAP! manages to grow and expand all of the time.

Sande Breakstone

I had an exciting career in Advertising – when producing the most creative commercial was a challenge, it is this drive to experiment and explore that made me understand the importance of the creative process. I was fortunate to have many creative opportunities as a child and would love to make sure the same opportunities are available in our growing community. I consider it a privilege to serve on the board.

Barbara Gold

It was a trip on a school bus that made the rounds picking up school kids ‘after school’ that inspired me to become involved with ASAP!. These kids were heading to their respective after school arts programs which, at the time, were taking place at the Waterbury Magnet School. I not only overheard the enthusiastic “buzz” on the bus, but was truly enlightened when I observed the various workshops and extraordinary teaching artists in action. I had no idea until that day how important ASAP! is for our community and these kids.

Bruce Haims

Innovation has to be encouraged for our society to flourish and for inequality to be reduced. I was impressed by ASAP!’s approach and, more importantly, its success in developing and implementing innovative programs to engage young students, foster their creativity and provide tools for future success.

Andrew Linde

I believe that creative thinking is fundamental for success in virtually any scenario. In my opinion, the arts are the best way to help developing minds nurture creative thinking skills. As art programs’ budgets are cut, something needs to fill that void. Every child should be given the chance to explore the creative depths of their own minds. I have attended events that ASAP! has put on for years now and I’ve seen the positive impact that the program has had on many people. I am thrilled with the opportunity to utilize my skills to help out the organization in any way I can.


Sara Savage

I originally got involved with ASAP! when my kids were younger and participated in several of the wonderful program offerings. I serve on the Board because I believe fundamentally in nurturing kids’ creativity. And with creativity comes growth.

Tony Vengrove

I was fortunate to be raised in a creative family where my father, a successful advertising executive, regularly demonstrated how creative serendipity could transform into national advertising campaigns. My childhood environment shaped me into a creatively confident adult who believes nothing is impossible. I am proud to serve on ASAP!’s Board of Directors because I believe all children deserve the opportunity to express their creative prowess. Our work not only enables children to follow their imagination to destinations unknown but also builds their inner confidence to take creative and artistic risks. When I see the looks of intensity or the smiles of joy on the faces of our ASAP! students, I know we’re successfully inspiring the next generation of creative problem solvers who believe anything is possible.

Emeritus Board

Ann Burton
Paul Doherty
Susan Haber
Ann Leary
Jill Faherty Lloyd
Ellen McCourt
John Millington (1926-2016)
Hugh Rawson (1936–2013)
Susanna Salk
Christopher Smith

Advisory Committee

Linda Allard
Dr. Patricia Cosentino
Larry Kessler
Susan Monserud
Peter Rogness