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Maggie Gillette

Maggie Gillette

This summer Maggie attended the School of Creative and Performing Arts (SOCAPA) in Burlington, VT for a three-week an acting and film camp.

Maggie was first introduced to theater in middle school, after a total hip replacement forced her to stop dancing. She says that after an intensive summer camp that year, she realized how passionate she was about the performing arts. Maggie says her favorite part of acting is the repeated challenge of making a connection with the audience during each performance, and the gratification that comes with meeting that challenge.

At SOCAPA, Maggie had the opportunity to act in short films in contrast to her familiar stage acting. She describes difficulties in refining her usually exaggerated actions in front of the camera, but also the rewarding feeling of being able to watch herself connecting with her audience from a third-person perspective.

Maggie says her experience at SOCAPA improved her acting abilites and prepared her for future college auditions. She thanks ASAP for making this experience possible. At the end of it all, Maggie says, “SOCAPA helped me understand that acting and theatre are my future, and I am not turning back now.”