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Kendall Ross

Kendall Ross

This summer Kendall attended the Musical Theatre Lab in Edgartown, MA.

Kendall says that she has been dancing since she was two years old. She currently specializes in hoop dancing after learning the skill from her older sister. She wants to one day learn to incorporate fire as well. Last winter, Kendall’s dance group performed a dance called “Reflections” at Carnegie Hall, which she describes as an amazing experience.

In Martha’s Vineyard, Kendall was able to expand her skills in the performing arts to incorporate theatrical performing as well as dance. At the Musical Theatre Lab she had the opportunity to work with well-known musicians and singers and improve her musical theater skills. She says her favorite part of the experience was creating and performing a “five-minute musical” with a small group of people.

Kendall thanks ASAP for giving her the opportunity to attend her program and looks forward to being a part of musical theater “for the rest of high school and beyond.”

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