A Connecticut Creative Arts Organization

In-School Programs & Projects

ASAP! aligns with schools to supplement their curriculum by using the visual and performing arts to engage students academically and foster higher-order thinking skills. These unique programs develop students’ individual creative strengths and talents while giving students the confidence and problem-solving abilities they need to succeed.

Additional In-School programs and Special Projects include:

Percussion and Sounds From Across The World; Building Relationships Through Book-Making; Say it Through Screen-Printing, and Melding New and Old Through Sculpture. If you are interested in bringing a special project to your school please contact: JoAnne@asapct.org

ASAP! Composer Project

Region 14 & Litchfield Middle/High School

ASAP! brings together composers with school choruses, bands, orchestras, and music students of all levels. The goal is to compose a piece of music collaboratively with students and teachers that can be performed in a region-wide concert. During each school visit the composer uses different methods to stimulate material from the students and teachers, which ultimately inspire and influence the final composition.

Region 14 funded in part by:

Litchfield Schools in collaboration with and funded by:

ASAP!’s Nurturing Young Artists

Region 12

We are all inherently creative. But somehow, in the process of growing in our world, the artist in each of us isn’t always nurtured. ASAP!’s Nurturing Young Artists program celebrates every child as an artist. Primary school children are given the opportunity to work with professional musicians and visual artists who are passionate about creativity and experiential learning. Children will be supported in their creative endeavors as they explore and develop their artistic process. The innate collaborative nature of this project encourages students to consider the overarching concept that a diversity of minds, ideas, and hands allows the creation of something unexpected and unique. The project culminates in a performance or gallery showing for the school and public.

ASAP!’s Writing Workshop

Children’s Community School, Waterbury

Poetry is the creative exploration of language. It is about a writer sharing with the reader a significant experience or conveying strong feelings. Poems are written with words chosen for their sounds and beauty as well as for their meaning. They provide an exciting and expressive language element within any classroom, allowing freedom of expression that enables all students to be successful.

Music for the Schools

Region 14

Established in 2007, The Inter-district Strings Project brings together middle and high school students with musicians from the Waterbury Symphony Orchestra (WSO), where they prepare over several months to perform in concert side-by-side. ASAP! provides the rare opportunity for its participating strings students to perform with the symphony as well as expose school children of all ages to a live symphony concert as part of their education.

Funded in part by:

Acting Up!

Children’s Community School, Waterbury & Litchfield Intermediate School, Litchfield

A week-long theatre workshop teaches individual expression through collaborative creation. In five 90-minute sessions, students learn the basics of creating their own short plays from scratch by using their bodies and voices to develop original characters and scenes. Through a series of improvisational exercises and activities, students will not only generate dynamic scenes that tell a clear beginning, middle, and end, but they’ll build confidence to speak in front of a group and share their individual ideas in an articulate way. Participants will also learn when to modify or let go of their own ideas in service of the group as a whole. The program culminates in a school-wide showing of the work chosen in conjunction with teachers and refined by the students who will tell the stories most important to them. Their teacher will have additional tools to use in her classroom, which will enhance learning on a wide range of subjects.

CCS funded in part by:

Litchfield Schools in collaboration with and funded by:

The Metamorphosis Project

Children’s Community School, Waterbury & Forbes School, Torrington

Teamwork, a safe space for exploration and risk-taking, and an understanding of the creative process are imperative to nurturing the minds that will face the challenges of our future. ASAP!’s Metamorphosis Project provides the opportunity for students in grades 3-5 to apply scientific concepts to real-life design and engineering projects. Metamorphosis teaching artists empower students to understand their value as artists, writers, designers, scientists, and engineers. Outside of the classroom, students work with environmental scientists spending time in nature at Connecticut land preserves learning about stream ecology, endangered species, and gathering data. Back in the classroom, students further explore their outdoor experiences, which helps them develop an understanding of what they can do to help the environment. Metamorphosis culminates in an exhibit for the schools where the designs and creations of these talented young minds are displayed for the public and school community.

Funded in part by:

The Inter-district Project

The Inter-district Project (IDP) brings together young people from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds to explore the arts through collaborative projects. Through the IDP children from urban and rural areas of CT team up to create poetry, photography, murals, dance, music, and theatre.

ASAP! for Pre-School

Region 12

REACH is a pre-school program situated at Washington Primary School. ASAP! provides workshops throughout the school year including movement, dance, cooking, yoga, and music. Students will explore their bodies in space through movement, learn stillness and breathing techniques through yoga, develop rhythm through music, and awaken their senses as they create different kinds of nutritious foods.