A Connecticut Creative Arts Organization

The Learning Through Moschen® (LTM) yearlong program serves the Torrington  Middle School 6th grade population thanks to a grant from Bank of America. 

The program helps students explore the basic principles of math and physics using their own movements and complex rhythms, and manipulating and creating kinetic objects. Matt Del Rosario, a movement specialist, works in the classroom with each student building skills incrementally, starting from individual physical exercises introducing the concepts of spatial relations in conjunction with the whole body, specifically the Cartesian coordinate system, and culminating with group work developing collaborative movements using props and complex rhythms. Mr. Moschen analyzes the data collected from the sessions as part of his study in creating a national model for this program. At the conclusion of the yearlong program the entire 6th grade unite to celebrate the installation of a kinetic artwork that encompasses their learning experiences. Inspiration for the sculpture will be the human breath and the natural lines and rhythms in nature. 

Learning Through Moschen® has been recognized by the Arts in Education Manager of the Connecticut Office of the Arts and Director of the Connecticut Higher Order Thinking Schools:  “As the national discourse over STEM to STEAM pushes on “Learning Through Moschen” emerges as a model with national potential.” – Bonnie Koba

On May 22nd Learning Through Moschen®, a 45-minute workshop, will be offered to the public 11:30 am and 1:00 pm in Leonardo da Vinci’s Workshop at the Connecticut Science Center for youth, ages 10 and up. Participation is first come, first served. Space is limited to 25 children per session. Please register at the Connecticut Science Center Ticketing Counter.